Member Benefits

IFBTA benefits far exceed those of typical opportunities and networking many food and beverage professionals are afforded today. The chance to connect consistently with likeminded industry professionals tops the list of IFBTA benefits and others include:

  • Local Chapter Membership: Belong to more than a website! When you join the IFBTA, you’re joining a larger community of likeminded, technology focused, food and beverage professionals looking to network, learn from each other, and brainstorm how to engage the industry with new innovations and solutions to everyday challenges. An IFBTA membership gives you a place to share your story and learn from those around you.
  • Quarterly Local Chapter Meetings: When you join an IFBTA chapter, you get the chance to meet with others in your community for a seat at the table. Food and beverage professionals meet, in-person, consistently throughout the year to discuss the most pertinent topics they face on a daily basis. Chapter meetings provide opportunities for operators to connect with their peers as well as supplier representatives to brainstorm solutions to today’s most pressing challenges and discuss the innovations and successes they’ve seen in their businesses.
  • Ten Annual White Papers: IFBTA membership includes access to 10 white papers annually and a member dashboard to share experiences, solutions, and innovations. IFBTA white papers focus on the most pertinent topics of the food and beverage industry and data that drives real-world revenue and profit you can take back and use in your business.
  • CFTP Certification Program Pass: The IFBTA created a first of its kind, technology certification program – the Certified Foodservice Technology Professional certification. IFBTA members gain access to this program; a perfect solution for both the novice and experienced industry professional. Created and recognized by leading industry experts, educators, and operators, the CFTP program is comprised of 20 modules covering topics including technology trends, HRIS, loyalty and CRM, delivery, POS and Back Office, RFPs, and more.
  • IFBTA Events Nationwide: Throughout the year, the IFBTA holds various networking and education events nationwide. Participants have the opportunity to network with peers on a global scale – something they don’t typically have at the local level – and can better understand how the food and beverage industry at-large sees the role of technology and the ways it can shape innovation and change.
  • IFBTA Meetings-in-Meetings: The IFBTA produces Meetings-in-Meetings alongside leading industry conferences and tradeshows. These meetings provide deep-dive discussions and networking opportunities specialized for you and your business needs. Discussing hot-topics in depth allows attendees to walk away with action items to take to their teams and new ideas to implement for success.
  • Global Conference Calls: The IFBTA coordinates global conference calls to shed light on today’s most pressing topics both in and out of the food and beverage industry. By including presentations on technology not specific to food and beverage, participants gain a better understanding of the innovations and advancements in technology that could be applied to their own businesses. Thought leaders and industry experts lead the calls to help participants better understand the ways in which technology can enhance their business and increase their ROI.