Armada and the IFBTA

Rob Grimes: Hello this is Rob Grimes with the IFBTA and I’m very pleased today to be with John Burke, the CEO of Armada. So, welcome John.

John Burke: Thank you, Rob.

RG: So, Armada is one of our newest industry partners and they’re a regional industry partner so why don’t we just start out with, John, welcome to the IFBTA. What was it about the IFBTA that brought Armada to us?

JB: Well, I think as we grow and mature as a supply chain management organization, the role of technology just continues to increase as a part of our value add to our clients. So, aligning ourselves with the IFBTA seemed like a very natural thing to do, especially as we look forward to the next several years of our evolution.

RG: Well listen, it’s been great to have you today and we really appreciate – the IFBTA appreciates the industry partner support of Armada and yourself. I think that going down the path, there will be a lot of opportunities for members and not only to take advantage of you as a partner, but also the education and information that you bring to the table to help operate better, more efficiently, and safely for their customers.

JB: Well thanks, Rob. We are looking forward to participating.

RG: Great, thank you for joining us today. Rob Grimes with the IFBTA and here with John Burke, the CEO of Armada.

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